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Download all 3000+ circuits to view in Google Earth. Regularly updated with new circuits, overlays and information, it is the foundation on which AerialF1 is built.

Site Update: Ireland

Ireland has been added to the Europe section, with six of the thirteen circuits listed so far. The most famous of tracks in Ireland is Mondello Park, which still hosts events to this day. Many of the other circuits were old public road courses which are no longer in operation, althoug

Site Update: Portugal

Portugal has been added to the Europe page, complete with the popular testing circuit at Estoril. Portugal’s morotsporting history dates back to the pre-war era and with new tracks being built even now (such as the Portimao facility) the country is still keen to develop this ind

Site Update: Greece

Greece has been added to the Europe page, listing nine circuits with a few still to be added. A couple of new tracks were found as the Europe section slowly comes together. Being the largest part of AerialF1 it still has a very long way to go, but track by track it is slowly making sh

Site Update: Croatia

Croatia has been added to the Europe page, with nine circuits found and listed with Google Earth Imagery. Originally, the site only listed Grobnik and Opatija circuits, but a few street circuits have now been added along with some kart tracks.

Circuit Update: Hockenheimring

The Hockenheimring page has been updated to show the various layouts over the decades. Although Google are yet to update the imagery to show the new layout, I recently discovered the older configurations that originally ran through the towns. The 1929 and 1938 layouts were abandoned w

Tagline Suggestions Needed

Every site has a tagline, be it one given by the owner, or one just used by the readers. More often than not they are ignored in the general perusing of a site, but they do stick in the mind. Just like with many film tags, I can reel off a few website tags from memory as I type this p

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