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Site Update: Top Gear Test Tracks

Ever wondered where the stig drives all those cars, setting lap times and showing celebrities the ropes? Here we have the test tracks for the UK, USA and Australian editions of the show. The birthplace is at Dunsfold Aerodrome with a track designed with the help of Lotus. The sister s

Site Update: USA

The A and B sections have been added to the USA page in the North America section, detailing 122 circuits and speedways. Although information on the tracks is yet to be added, the imagery is there and the overlays are starting to be constructed.

Site Update: Malta & Lithuania

Malta and Lithuania have been added to the Europe section of AerialF1, detailing six circuits in the two countries. Malta has a couple of kart tracks, one of which (Ta’ Qali) had a proposed Champ Car circuit mapped out nearby. Lithuania has a few street circuits, with the Neman

Site Update: Zambia

Zambia has been added to the Africa section of AerialF1, detailing four circuits known to have existed in the country. Ndola Motopark and the Lawrence Allen Circuit are still in use but the two speedways – Bennetts and Eureka – have since been built over. The image shown o

Site Update: Alaska

Alaska has been added to the North America section of AerialF1, detailing nine circuits found in the country. Alaska enjoys a range of motorsports, with road and dirt racing in the summer months and ice racing in the winter. There are a few ovals as well of the very old Fur Rondy Fest

Site Update: Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Spain & Paraguay

A few updates to the Asia, Europe and South America sections of AerialF1. Taiwan has been added, detailing three circuits, while Monteblanco in Spain now has decent imagery and has also been added. Sri Lanka has seen one addition in the Gunner Supercross Track as has Paraguay.

Site Update: Central & South America

A few updates to the expanding Central and South America sections of AerialF1. Argentina has been started while a couple of circuits in Aruba and the Cayman Islands now have imagery. As always, a work in progress…

Site Update: Tajikistan

Tajikistan has been added to the Asia section of AerialF1, detailing one kart track found in the country.

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