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Download all 3000+ circuits to view in Google Earth. Regularly updated with new circuits, overlays and information, it is the foundation on which AerialF1 is built.

Site Update: North America

The North America page has been adjusted slightly, separating out the Alaska and Hawaii sections. Although both are states of the United States of America, they are geographically quite far from what is usually considered the USA and so they now have their own pages. Furthermore, the

Site Update: Ghana

Ghana has been added to the Africa section, including the one kart track found in the country. The Africa pages are little out of date and much of the imagery has been updated (and therefore, the overlays need updating), but currently I am plowing on with filling out the Australia sec

Site Update: South Korea

South Korea has been added to the Asia section, detailing circuits including the upcoming Korean International Circuit that is due to host the inaugural Formula One Korean Grand Prix in late 2010. In total seven tracks have been added (Korean International Circuit was already publishe

Imagery Update: Japan

Japan has seen a recent update in imagery from Google Earth, and as such the relevant images on AerialF1 have also been updated. While the photography is still at a poor resolution, it is much better than previous, allowing the circuits to be seen better and also allowing myself to be

Site Update: Indonesia

Indonesia has been added to the Asia section, including the Sentul and Lippo circuits. Bali has also been mentioned but as of yet their is little information on the new track, only that Hermann Tilke is involved in developing the idea. The circuit has an empty website but as soon as p

Site Update: Estonia

Estonia has been added to the Europe section of AerialF1, listing seven circuits that either have been or are currently used in the country. Like with so many other European nations, Estonia’s motorsporting history dates back to the pre-war era when Estonia was under its initial

Site Update: Serbia

Serbia has now been added to the Europe section of AerialF1, complete with Google Earth imagery for five circuits. Serbia’s motorsporting history can be traced back to the pre-war era where many races were held on public road courses.

Site Update: Downloads

A download page has been added to the main navigation at the top of each page, taking you to a master download section listing every KMZ file available on the site. Although quite large, the page is divided up like the rest of AerialF1 into continents, with each country listed below i

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