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Name/Alternative Nurburgring GP-Strecke
Circuit Type Permanent Road
Direction Clockwise
Circuit Length (km) 5.148
Lap Record 1m29.468 Michael Schumacher, 2004
Address Nurburgring, Otto-Flimm-Strasse, D-53520 Nurburg, Germany
Telephone +49 2691 3020
Website Nurburgring
Year Opened 1984
Year Closed n/a
Contract FIA Formula One World Championship – Unknown
German Grand Prix currently alternates between Nurburgring and Hockenheimring. Recent financial troubles have put the grand prix in jeopardy.

  • German Grand Prix

Year Circuit Winning Driver Winning Constructor Fastest Lap
2013 Nurburgring Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 1m33.468s Fernando Alonso
2012 Hockenheimring Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m18.725s Michael Schumacher
2011 Nurburgring Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1m34.302s Lewis Hamilton
2010 Hockenheimring Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m15.824s Sebastian Vettel
2009 Nurburgring Mark Webber Red Bull Racing 1m33.365s Fernando Alonso
2008 Hockenheimring Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1m15.987s Nick Heidfeld
2007 Race Cancelled
2006 Hockenheimring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m16.357s Michael Schumacher
2005 Hockenheimring Fernando Alonso Renault 1m14.873s Kimi Raikkonen
2004 Hockenheimring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m13.780s Kimi Raikkonen
2003 Hockenheimring Juan Pablo Montoya Williams 1m14.917s Juan Pablo Montoya
2002 Hockenheimring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m16.462s Michael Schumacher
2001 Hockenheimring Ralf Schumacher Williams 1m41.808s Juan Pablo Montoya
2000 Hockenheimring Rubens Barrichello Ferrari 1m44.300s Rubens Barrichello
1999 Hockenheimring Eddie Irvine Ferrari 1m45.270s David Coulthard
1998 Hockenheimring Mika Hakkinen McLaren 1m46.116s David Coulthard
1997 Hockenheimring Gerhard Berger Benetton 1m45.747s Gerhard Berger
1996 Hockenheimring Damon Hill Williams 1m46.504s Damon Hill
1995 Hockenheimring Michael Schumacher Benetton 1m48.824s Michael Schumacher
1994 Hockenheimring Gerhard Berger Ferrari 1m46.211s David Coulthard
1993 Hockenheimring Alain Prost Williams 1m41.859s Michael Schumacher
1992 Hockenheimring Nigel Mansell Williams 1m41.591s Riccardo Patrese
1991 Hockenheimring Nigel Mansell Williams 1m43.569s Riccardo Patrese
1990 Hockenheimring Ayrton Senna McLaren 1m45.602s Thierry Boutsen
1989 Hockenheimring Ayrton Senna McLaren 1m45.884s Ayrton Senna
1988 Hockenheimring Ayrton Senna Ferrari 2m03.032s Alessandro Nannini
1987 Hockenheimring Nelson Piquet Williams 1m45.716s Nigel Mansell
1986 Hockenheimring Nelson Piquet Williams 1m46.604s Gerhard Berger
1985 Nurburgring Michele Alboreto Ferrari 1m22.806s Niki Lauda
1984 Hockenheimring Alain Prost McLaren 1m53.538s Alain Prost
1983 Hockenheimring Rene Arnoux Ferrari 1m53.938s Rene Arnoux
1982 Hockenheimring Patrick Tambay Ferrari 1m54.035s Nelson Piquet
1981 Hockenheimring Nelson Piquet Brabham 1m52.42s Alan Jones
1980 Hockenheimring Jacques Laffite Ligier 1m48.49s Alan Jones
1979 Hockenheimring Alan Jones Williams 1m51.89s Gilles Villeneuve
1978 Hockenheimring Mario Andretti Lotus 1m55.62s Ronnie Peterson
1977 Hockenheimring Niki Lauda Ferrari 1m55.99s Niki Lauda
1976 Nurburgring James Hunt McLaren 7m10.8s Jody Scheckter
1975 Nurburgring Carlos Reutemann Brabham 7m06.4s Clay Regazzoni
1974 Nurburgring Clay Regazzoni Ferrari 7m11.1s Jody Scheckter
1973 Nurburgring Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 7m11.4s Carlos Pace
1972 Nurburgring Jacky Ickx Ferrari 7m13.6s Jacky Ickx
1971 Nurburgring Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 7m20.1s Francois Cevert
1970 Hockenheimring Jochen Rindt Lotus 2m00.5s Jacky Ickx
1969 Nurburgring Jacky Ickx Brabham 7m43.8s Jacky Ickx
1968 Nurburgring Jackie Stewart Matra 9m36.0s Jackie Stewart
1967 Nurburgring Denny Hulme Brabham 8m15.1s Dan Gurney
1966 Nurburgring Jack Brabham Brabham 8m49.0s John Surtees
1965 Nurburgring Jim Clark Lotus 8m24.1s Jim Clark
1964 Nurburgring John Surtees Ferrari 8m39.0s John Surtees
1963 Nurburgring John Surtees Ferrari 8m47.0s John Surtees
1962 Nurburgring Graham Hill BRM 10m12.2s Graham Hill
1961 Nurburgring Stirling Moss Lotus 8m57.8s Phil Hill
1960 Race Not Held
1959 AVUS Tony Brooks Ferrari 2m04.5s Tony Brooks
1958 Nurburgring Tony Brooks Vanwall 9m09.2s Stirling Moss
1957 Nurburgring Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 9m17.4s Juan Manuel Fangio
1956 Nurburgring Juan Manuel Fangio Ferrari 9m41.6s Juan Manuel Fangio
1955 Race Not Held
1954 Nurburgring Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes-Benz 9m55.1s Karl Kling
1953 Nurburgring Giuseppe Farina Ferrari 9m56.0s Alberto Ascari
1952 Nurburgring Alberto Ascari Ferrari 10m05.1s Alberto Ascari
1951 Nurburgring Alberto Ascari Ferrari 9m55.8s Jan Manuel Fangio

  • German Grand Prix – Non-Championship Races

Year Circuit Winning Driver Winning Constructor Fastest Lap
1960 Nurburgring (Sudschleife) Joakim Bonnier Porsche
1950 Nurburgring Alberto Ascari Ferrari
Race Not Held
1940 Race Cancelled
1939 Nurburgring Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz 10m24.2 Rudolf Caracciola
1938 Nurburgring Richard Seasman Mercedes-Benz 10m09.1 Richard Seaman
1937 Nurburgring Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz 9m53.4s Bernd Rosemeyer
1936 Nurburgring Bernd Rosemeyer Auto Union 9m56.3s Bernd Rosemeyer
1935 Nurburgring Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo 10m32.0s Manfred Von Brauchitsch
1934 Nurburgring Hans Stuck Auto Union 10m43.8s Hans Stuck
1933 Race Cancelled
1932 Nurburgring Rudolf Caracciola Alfa Romeo 10m49.4s Tazio Nuvolari
1931 Nurburgring Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz 11m48.0s Achille Varzi
1930 Race Cancelled
1929 Nurburgring Louis Chiron Bugatti
1928 Nurburgring Rudolf Caracciola
Christian Werner
1927 Nurburgring Otto Merz Mercedes-Benz
1926 AVUS Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz 7m17.0s Ferdinando Minoia

  • European Grand Prix

Year Circuit Winning Driver Winning Constructor Fastest Lap
2009 Valencia
2008 Valencia Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m38.708s Felipe Massa
2007 Nurburgring Fernando Alonso McLaren 1m32.853s Felipe Massa
2006 Nurburgring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m32.099s Michael Schumacher
2005 Nurburgring Fernando Alonso Renault 1m30.711s Fernando Alonso
2004 Nurburgring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m29.468s Michael Schumacher
2003 Nurburgring Ralf Schumacher Williams 1m32.621s Kimi Raikkonen
2002 Nurburgring Rubens Barrichello Ferrari 1m32.226s Michael Schumacher
2001 Nurburgring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m18.354s Juan Pablo Montoya
2000 Nurburgring Michael Schumacher Ferrari 1m22.269s Michael Schumacher
1999 Nurburgring Johnny Herbert Stewart 1m21.282s Mika Hakkinen
1998 Race Not Held
1997 Jerez Mika Hakkinen McLaren 1m23.135s Heinz-Harald Frentzen
1996 Nurburgring Jacques Villeneuve Williams 1m21.363s Damon Hill
1995 Nurburgring Michael Schumacher Benetton 1m21.180s Michael Schumacher
1994 Jerez Michael Schumacher Benetton 1m25.040s Michael Schumacher
1993 Donington Park Ayrton Senna McLaren 1m18.029s Ayrton Senna
Race Not Held
1985 Brands Hatch Nigel Mansell Williams 1m11.526s Jacques Laffite
1984 Nurburgring Alain Prost McLaren 1m23.146s Nelson Piquet
1983 Brands Hatch Nelson Piquet Brabham 1m14.342s Nigel Mansell

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