Tagline Suggestions Needed

Tagline Suggestions Needed

Every site has a tagline, be it one given by the owner, or one just used by the readers. More often than not they are ignored in the general perusing of a site, but they do stick in the mind. Just like with many film tags, I can reel off a few website tags from memory as I type this post.

However, coming up with one for AerialF1 is proving tricky. When I did BlogF1 back in 2006, it was easy because I knew exactly what the site was about and perhaps more importantly, where it would be going. The tagline: “Your Regular Blog and Guide to Formula One” fits the site well and hasn’t changed in over three years. BlogF1 is still a regular blog and guide to Formula One.

So that leads me to AerialF1. What is it and equally as important, what will it become? A tagline needs to reflect this and also be sharp and snappy. “Your Regular Blog and Guide to Formula One” is as about as long I think taglines should be, so how do I sum up AerialF1 in 8 words/42 characters or less?

Ah, the Motor Sport community… they’ll know best.

The current tagline (“Where Do You Want To Race Today?”) isn’t great and is a blatant rip-off of Microsoft, although I do feel it has more relevance on AerialF1 than it does on an overly-packaged version of overly-used Windows. So guys and gals of the Internet, what should Google Circuit’s tagline be?

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  • Oh, and while we’re at it, do let me know if the quicktags work or not. They’re the buttons above the box you write the comment in labeled b, i, strike etc…

    They are something I’ve been meaning to implement on BlogF1 for a while now.

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